What Does Closing The Gap For Children Do?

What Does Closing the Gap Do?

We support computer science programs and technology integration in schools that encourage as well as inspire students, parents and the community at large.  As a group of teachers and counselors our job is to make students think.  Our organization creates opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. 
​We provide students with technology skills as a part of the ISTE (International Standard for Technology in Education) Standards. Students will use a variety of technological devices to learn typing, computer science (coding/engineering design/video game creation) and Maker Skills (w/3D Printing and laser-cutting technology). 
"More than 50% of todays jobs require some technology skills and experts say that percentage will increase to 77% in the next decade."     
​                                                                             US Bureau of Labor and Statistics
Our programs help students develop invaluable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills.  Join us in supporting our students in the process of creating jobs that don't exist.