HELP! My Child Does Not Want To Return To School

Many schools, school districts and parents had no idea what to do during the "post Covid" 2021-2022 school year when students had to return in person to school.  There were so many parents, students and educators who feared what could happen.

  • Will my health be at risk?
  • Will my child's mental health be in jeopardy?
  • Will the problem's that exited before at this school still exist today?
  • All answers to the previous questions is a resounding YES!!

Parents...YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!!   School can look and feel the way you want it to look and feel.  Online Education can be an option for your child, if you feel that will be conducive to your child's learning style.

Your child can also receive the necessary services you think your child should have (either in school or online).

  • One on one tutoring...Ask for it.
  • Mental Health support services...Ask for it.
  • Anger Management support services...Ask for it.  Not enough after school programs available...Ask for more.

Every public school operates a variety of committees (either on site or districtwide).   Some of those committees are the site based governance (where decisions affecting the site are made).  Some committees are the School Site Counsel (where budgets are decided and the plan for the school year).

DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK THE QUESTIONS.  Your taxes go to public education, so you want to know.